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  • 2008 Volvo C30

    Volvo C30
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    • CHECK
    • The customer brought the vehicle in with a potential transmission issue (see customer complaint above). We test drove the vehicle and did not experience the issue. There were no lights on the dash and the transmission worked perfectly. The coolant reservoir is cracked and leaking. The engine oil is low and needs to be changed. The engine has an oil leak behind the timing cover. The oil leak will require removing the timing cover to diagnose. The customer is aware of the issues and has declined further repairs at this time.
    • The transmission fluid was brown due to mileage. We performed a transmission fluid drain and fill and test drove the vehicle. No issues were found before or after the fluid service. The customer complaint did not occur for us on the test drive before or after the service. The transmission fluid service was performed due to the color and condition of the transmission fluid. This service is not a repair for the customers complaint. If the issue occurs again we will need further diagnosis time to pinpoint the problem.
    STEPHANIE S. gave our service a 5 star review on 7/1/2020